Inside Hopkins AC's training room

At Hopkins Air Conditioning, we are dedicated to providing the very best service to you. We have an extensive hiring process, with background checks and drug tests, to make sure that each of our employees meet the highest standard.

We also have a robust education curriculum and training facility for our team to hone their skills so that we can meet all of your home comfort needs.

Training Facility

Our training facility consists of two elements: a training room and training units. These elements are onsite spaces that provide a great way for continued education and skill building.

Training Room

inside the Hopkins HVAC technician training room

The training room, shown above, is used for:

  • Reviewing NATE & NCI procedures & protocols.
  • Reviewing Hopkins Standards of Workmanship.
  • Soft Skills such as communication, work ethic, problem solving, teamwork & customer satisfaction.
  • Safety Training
  • Tools Training

Training Units

training units for Hopkins HVAC technicians example ac units provided for HVAC technician training

The training units, shown above, are used for:

  • Hard skills such as brazing, low & high voltage wiring
  • Checking static pressure
  • Installing indoor air quality, drain line, trap and safety switch processes
  • Installing Wi-Fi thermostats
  • Troubleshooting and leak searches
  • Parts replacement
  • Proper installation of units & duct work