Quality Zoning Systems

Hopkins Air Conditioning installs high-quality zoning systems throughout the West Palm Beach area. Consider the iHarmony zoning system for climate control precision that enhances comfort while lowering energy bills.

iHarmony offers room-to-room zoning control for individual custom comfort that can be adjusted with the touch of a button on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

At Hopkins Air Conditioning, Inc., we believe many people could make their homes in South Florida more energy-efficient with a zoning system. West Palm Beach can get pretty hot and sticky in the summer. A zoning system can let you keep only the important rooms cool, saving you money on your energy bills.

We’re known for:

Our locally owned and operated company always has your best interests in mind, and we’ll advise on which system is right for you. You can trust us to get the installation of your system done correctly the first time.


Why HVAC Zoning Systems Are Great for Florida Homes

Diagram showing outline of home, with different temperatures in different rooms.HVAC zoning systems come with various benefits for Florida homeowners. Florida temperatures are frequently high, and without the proper HVAC system or maintenance, your home can have uncomfortable hot or cold spots. Family members might fight over the thermostat for warmer or cooler air.

With an HVAC zoning system, you can eliminate these problems and enjoy additional advantages, including:

  • Room-to-room zoning control
  • Individualized comfort with custom climate control
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Easy adjustments and remote access
  • Daily scheduled temperature adjustments

Improve your comfort with an HVAC zoning system.

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Expert Zoning System Installations

Regardless of your South Florida home’s size, Hopkins Air Conditioning, Inc. can get a properly sized zoning system installed. These systems will let you adjust how much heating or air conditioning each zone of your home will receive. This will let you keep different rooms at an even more comfortable temperature.

You’ll save on energy costs with a zoned system. You can even set your system remotely through your smartphone with a programmable thermostat.

Our knowledgeable technicians will:
  • Have the proper tools for the job
  • Show you how to operate your system
  • Keep their work area clean
  • Explain your options to you

Whether you want to keep your bedroom cooler in the summer or your office warmer in the winter, proper zoning can help. We’ll set up a personalized system that’s right for you.

West Palm Beach Zoning Systems

Hopkins Air Conditioning, Inc. is proud to be fully licensed and insured for any job in West Palm Beach and the surrounding cities. We work with products we can rely on to stand the test of time, and we pay close attention to details from the start of a job until we finish.

Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations. Call us today for more information on zoning systems.