West Palm Beach Air Balancing

air balancing services in West Palm Beach, Florida | Hopkins Air ConditioningFor over 30 years, Hopkins Air Conditioning has been providing air balancing tests for heating and cooling systems in Palm Beach County. Our technicians are NATE- and NCI-certified, so you can trust us to have the ability to balance your equipment. Count on us to treat you with the integrity you deserve.

Clients value our:
  • Accreditation with the Better Business Bureau and A+ rating
  • Familiarity with all makes and models of systems
  • Skilled group of licensed, qualified technicians
  • More than 30 years of service in the area
  • NATE and NCI certifications


Effective Air Balancing Tests

Hopkins Air Conditioning Performs Air Balancing TestsInstead of replacing the equipment in your West Palm Beach home, ask the team at Hopkins about air balancing. We have the tools and the knowledge to test, evaluate, and balance your climate control equipment. You can rely on us to help you get the most out of your heating and cooling system. Our technicians will work hard to boost the percentage of your equipment’s airflow beyond its current rate.

We’ll work hard to:
  • Improve your system’s efficiency
  • Help you get the most from your system
  • Increase your equipment’s airflow
  • Save you money with our changes

Thorough Air Balancing Service

Give the Hopkins team a call at (561) 656-4870 today if you need a professional contractor to balance the air in your Palm Beach County home. You can rest assured that we’re up to the challenge of enhancing your equipment’s functionality. Whether balancing your heating or cooling system turns out to be easy or hard, we’re capable of completing the job to your specifications. Our goal is to give you an economical solution to your equipment’s problems. We hope you’ll trust us to recalibrate your system for you.

Air Balancing FAQs

What is air balancing?

An HVAC system works most efficiently and effectively when the supply airflow (the conditioned air that’s blown into your living space) and the return airflow (the air that’s moved out of it) are about the same volume and there are no restrictions in the system. The supply airflow should also be evenly divided between rooms or zones based on size, with larger rooms receiving proportionally more airflow. If the system is out of balance, it may run less efficiently and comfort may be reduced. Air balancing is the process of restoring the system to a balanced state, and at Hopkins Air Conditioning, we have the proper equipment to evaluate and balance your HVAC system effectively.

How do I know if I need an air balancing test?

If you notice things such as air rushing by when you open a door, doors that stick, uneven temperatures between rooms, uneven airflow, excessive household dust, the need to change air filters more often than normal, or suddenly higher heating and cooling costs, your system may be out of balance. At Hopkins Air Conditioning, we recommend an air balance test when you notice any of these problems and it is affecting the comfort or performance of your HVAC system.

Once the air balancing test is done, what next?

Once an imbalance has been verified with the proper procedures, like a manometer or static pressure test, the cause will be found and corrected. Some common causes of imbalances include closed dampers, kinked or collapsed air ducts, loose or disconnected duct joints, debris in the ductwork, or blocked registers. At Hopkins, we offer duct cleaning, duct repair, and air balancing services throughout the West Palm Beach area to correct any air balance problems.

How often do I need an air balancing test done?

It is a good idea to have an air balance test done every three to five years or anytime something in your home or your HVAC system has changed. Such changes can include adding a room or remodeling to change room sizes, upgrading to a new HVAC system, installing a more restrictive air filter that removes more contaminants, or adjusting the supply or return airflow to improve comfort in one or more rooms. Talk to our team at Hopkins Air Conditioning to learn if an air balance test can benefit your Palm Beach home.

How can air balance affect air quality?

If your home has restrictions or losses in the supply side of the HVAC system, there may be a higher return airflow, creating a negative pressure in some areas of the home. This allows outside air to be drawn in through any open windows or air leaks, bringing with it contaminants like dust, pollen, and mold spores. Our air balancing services from Hopkins can help to improve your indoor air quality and comfort.