Top-Rated Heat Pump Repair Services in Palm Beach County

The secret is out! Heat pumps are a proven, reliable method for heating and cooling your home. Heat pumps are an excellent solution for Florida homes because of their energy efficiency. They can reduce some strain on your AC or give a warm boost on those unexpected cold nights without expending excess energy from a furnace.

Heat pumps are reliable and low-maintenance, too! But even low-maintenance appliances need some occasional TLC to get the most out of them. Given the variety of ways you can use your heat pump, it’s best to take good care of it so it can operate at maximum efficiency all year.

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Signs a Heat Pump Needs Repair

Because heat pumps are simple and reliable, it’s easy to tell if something is wrong. Some common signs your heat pump needs repair are:

  • Odd or loud noises: Heat pumps run smoothly and quietly, so if you hear loud, squeaky, or odd noises, there could be something wrong with your unit. Call a professional to diagnose the problem.
  • Noticeable odors: If the heat pump hasn’t been cleaned, it could start to emit burning smells. Dust could be burning off, or electrical components could be overheating. In either case, these are the usual results of a heat pump that has not been serviced or maintained. Schedule a service appointment with a professional.
  • Short-cycling: While this can seem non-alarming during super-hot days, if your unit is turning on, running for only a few minutes, turning off, then turning on again a few minutes later, that’s called short-cycling and can indicate your heat pump is strained or struggling to operate correctly. Have a professional inspect your unit.

Common Heat Pump Repairs

Because heat pumps are so widely used throughout the entire year, some problems arise, most of which are common and easy to address.

Some of the most common heat pump repairs are:

  • Electrical: Like any appliance, heat pumps have some electrical components that can easily be replaced if they get damaged. For your safety, never attempt a DIY diagnosis or repair with an electrical problem.
  • Frozen/iced-over outdoor unit: It can happen, even in Florida. Heat pumps have a defrost cycle, but if it fails, the outdoor coil can ice over. If you see this, act quickly to avoid excess strain on your heat pump.
  • Refrigerant leak: Refrigerant is a key component inside a heat pump (even for heating purposes). If your unit is not heating or cooling, or you see a leak, call a professional right away.
  • Reversing valve: This allows you to switch from heating to cooling mode and can be an easy replacement. If it seems your unit won’t switch modes, schedule a repair with a professional.

Don’t delay if you notice a problem with your heat pump. Call (561) 656-4870 to schedule an appointment or emergency service (we’re available 24/7!). When addressed quickly, common problems can be easy fixes.

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When to Install a New Heat Pump Instead of Repairing

The most common factor in determining whether you should replace your heat pump is age. If your existing heat pump is older than 10 years, it’s likely time to replace it. While you could get at least five more years of use out of it, it’s likely not as efficient as a newer model, and it’s also more prone to breakdowns or malfunctions.

Other factors to consider when deciding to install a new heat pump include:

  • The size of your home, status of your other HVAC systems, and how you wish to use a heat pump
  • How frequently your existing heat pump needs service (even if it’s little to no cost)
  • How much your current heat pump is cooling your home while also reducing your energy bills

All these things should be discussed with an HVAC professional. You can schedule an inspection to look at your existing systems, analyze recent energy bills, and discuss your overall goals for your indoor air comfort.

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