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How Does an Air Handler Work?

An air handler uses a set of coils or electric heating elements to heat or cool the air in your home.

A blower fan draws in air through the return duct, heats or cools it by passing it over the coils or heating elements, and then distributes the air to the rest of your home through the supply ducts and plenum.

An air handler may resemble a furnace from a distance, but it has no burners and requires no natural gas or oil.


What’s the Difference Between ACs & Air Handlers?

An air handler is responsible for distributing the air, while an AC system cools the air by removing heat.

An air handler can be paired with an air conditioner to cool the air through an evaporator coil in the air handler, electric heating elements to heat the air, or a heat pump to provide both heating and cooling through a similar coil in the air handler.

In a split system air conditioner, the condenser unit outside is often known as the air conditioner, and it contains the compressor and condenser coil, which helps cool your home using a refrigerant that’s cycled through the coil in the air handler.

A ductless mini-split air conditioner features one air handler per room or zone, connected to a single condenser unit. In a window AC, the compressor, condenser coil, evaporator coil, and fan are all contained in one window-mounted cabinet, so no air handler is necessary.

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When To Replace Your Air Handler

When you need a new air handler, contact our team at Hopkins Air Conditioning. We feature top-quality HVAC equipment and can install an air handler that meets your needs.

Call us as soon as you notice any of these signs that your air handler should be replaced:

  • You notice strange noises or odors.
  • Airflow is insufficient or weak.
  • Your AC freezes up due to airflow issues.
  • It provides inconsistent heating or cooling.
  • There’s an increase in your energy bills.


Air Handler Replacement in West Palm Beach, FL

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