Have you had your ducts cleaned recently? Over time, it’s inevitable that the ductwork of your home will accumulate bad smells, mold spores, dust, indoor air pathogens, volatile organic compounds, and other unpleasant things — and since all the air of your home passes through your ducts, those things will be found in every room of your home. If you’ve never had your ducts cleaned, or if you know it’s time to have your ducts cleaned again, don’t worry. Hopkins Air Conditioning is ready to provide simple, effective duct cleaning services to residents of West Palm Beach. Let us leave your ducts sparkling clean and let your whole family breathe easy.

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What Happens During Duct Cleaning

Our duct cleaning includes a thorough cleaning of various components of forced-air systems, including the supply and return air ducts, registers, grilles, diffusers, heat exchangers, and cooling coils. To achieve this, we’ll gain access to the interior of your ducts through either an existing access port or a new one, then feed various cleaning tools into the ducts. These tools work in various ways, using brushes, air, etc., to knock loose dust, debris, and blockages in your ducts.

The loose mess can then be simply vacuumed out by our tools, leaving your ducts far cleaner and the air you breathe much less polluted.

How To Know if You Need Duct Cleaning

Not sure whether it’s time for a duct cleaning? Whether it’s the first time or you’re considering your next appointment, keep an eye out for these symptoms of dirty ductwork:

  • Rapid accumulation of dust on furniture, windows, lamps, etc.
  • Your HVAC is running less efficiently and driving your bills up for no discernable reason.
  • The air coming out of your ducts has a noticeable odor to it.
  • You can see dust and debris building up on registers or inside ducts.
  • You’re getting sick more often, having trouble sleeping, or experiencing more frequent allergy symptoms.

If any of these sound familiar, it’s time to schedule a visit from our team.

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Benefits of Duct Cleaning

Wondering why you would bother with duct cleaning? Our clients see these benefits and more when we’re done:

  • Eliminate germs and bacteria from your ducts, improving your health
  • Remove dust from your home, minimizing allergies, cleaning difficulties, and wear and tear on systems
  • Improve HVAC efficiency
  • Improve the smell of your home
  • Sleep better, have a better mood, and get sick less often; doctors and allergists agree!

Our highly trained team of professionals is sure to get your ducts clean and let you enjoy these benefits. We make it our top priority to leave you with clean ducts and clean air to breathe.

Schedule Duct Cleaning Service in West Palm Beach

If you’re ready to have your ducts cleaned in the West Palm Beach area, don’t hesitate. Contact the duct cleaning experts at Hopkins Air Conditioning to restore your ducts to their pristine state. Your family, your HVAC system, and your electronic devices will all appreciate the cleaner air!

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FAQs About Duct Cleaning

Some of the frequently asked questions about duct cleaning we receive are:

How do you clean your ducts yourself?

DIY homeowners are responsible and smart. But duct cleaning just isn’t a DIY job. You need specialized tools, such as large rotary brushes and a high-powered vacuum system. Cleaning your ducts yourself can cause damages that will lead to expensive repairs.

It’s well worth it to have your ducts cleaned. But it’s not worth it to do it yourself.

How much does it cost to have your air ducts cleaned?

The cost depends heavily on where you live in the U.S. Other factors that affect your cost include:

  • Climate region
  • Level of contamination
  • Number of vents
  • Services included
  • Size of the system to be cleaned
  • System accessibility
  • Type of duct material

Is duct cleaning a waste of money?

Some properties don’t actually need duct cleaning, but their owners want to do everything possible to improve indoor air quality and maximize the energy efficiency of their HVAC system. If you have an older home or live in an area where there’s heavy construction, duct cleaning may be a good idea.

You should definitely consider annual duct cleaning if:

  • You have allergies/asthma
  • You have a newly constructed home
  • You have ongoing health issues
  • You have pets that shed a lot of hair/dander
  • You had recent home renovations
  • You have had water contamination or damages
  • Someone in your home is a smoker

When should I have my ducts cleaned?

Every three to five years is standard for air duct cleaning, though you should arrange cleanings more frequently if you have allergies, if someone in your home smokes, or if you have a houseful of furry friends. Ductwork cleaning is necessary if you have high levels of pollen or dust and any time you suspect there is mold behind your walls.

We care about comfortable, clean air in Southeast Florida. And duct cleaning can also add value to your Palm Beach County home if you’re thinking of selling this year. Call (561) 656-4870 or contact Hopkins Air Conditioning to learn more.