5 Common AC Compressor Issues

man looking inside an air ventIf you have an air conditioning system, you have an AC compressor. This important part of the cooling system must do its job, or your air conditioner won’t cool the home.

Thankfully, there are often signs that the compressor may have problems, and there are steps you can take to prevent this issue from causing a system breakdown and costly repair bill.

What Does an AC Compressor Do & How Does It Work?

Air conditioners work because the unit squeezes refrigerant in its gas form. It sends this pressurized, hot gas to the condenser, where it cools into a liquid, which then funnels it into the evaporator, where it becomes a low-pressure, cool gas.

This process takes heat out of your home and returns cool air through the ductwork. If the compressor doesn’t do its job, the entire process fails.

Signs Your Compressor Is About To Fail

If your air compressor is about to fail, it will show some common signs, such as:

  • AC blowing warm air
  • Condenser unit makes a weird sound
  • Tripped circuit breaker

If you notice these issues, consider calling for AC repair, so you aren’t left with a hot, uncomfortable home.

Common Reasons a Compressor Fails & How You Can Prevent It

Some of the common reasons for air compressor failure include:

  • Clogged air filter: If the air filter gets full of debris, your system must work harder to deliver cooled air. This puts strain on the compressor. Change the filter regularly to prevent this problem.
  • Dirty condenser coils: When the condenser coils get dirty, they don’t allow as much air to flow into the compressor. This causes the compressor to work harder, leading to a breakdown. Keeping the condenser coils clean prevents this problem.
  • Dirt inside the compressor: Dirt and moisture in the compressor can contaminate it, leading to failure. The best way to avoid this is to keep your system clean and change the filter through a routine maintenance appointment.
  • Issues with refrigerant: If you use too much refrigerant or use the wrong settings, the refrigerant can leak into the compressor cylinder, which creates negative pressure. To prevent this, have a qualified HVAC pro handle your refrigerant.
  • Oil leaks: If you have an oil leak somewhere in your air conditioner, it will lead to compressor failure. The oil can get into the suction line, and this will cause the compressor to fail. Regular maintenance will limit this risk.

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