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When deciding on an HVAC company in Wellington, consider one with service professionals who offer you and your HVAC system the best service experience. Some companies have technicians who arrive late, leave your home a mess, and/or delay services because they didn’t come prepared with the right equipment.

HVAC technicians should be professional and attentive to your service needs and shouldn’t leave you frustrated. You want to hire someone you can trust.

Trust the cooling and heating professionals at Hopkins Air Conditioning. We’re not your average technicians because we take pride in representing South Florida’s best HVAC company. And it shows in our service.

You can count on us to:

  • Arrive on time
  • Clean up after ourselves
  • Complete jobs promptly
  • Have the right tools
  • Take pride in our neat/professional appearance

Don’t settle for less. You deserve the most experienced, professional air conditioning and heating services company.

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We can handle any AC repair in the West Palm Beach area. We have the skills and experience to repair any air conditioning system in residential and commercial properties. What’s more, we want to provide maximum comfort at an affordable price because we’re your neighbors. We live here, too.

Avoid Costly Repairs With Regular AC Maintenance Services

Routine air conditioning maintenance can help prevent repairs and keep your unit running efficiently all year. At Hopkins Air Conditioning, we offer a three-tiered HVAC maintenance program that features discounts on AC repair, priority service, filter cleanings, and more.

One way to know if a service provider is trustworthy is by how long the company has been in business. The team at Hopkins Air Conditioning has over 45 years of experience servicing Wellington and South Florida homes.

Learn more about our maintenance plan and sign up today.

Call (561) 656-4870 or contact us if you have any questions.

Emergency HVAC Repair in Wellington, FL

With weather extremes becoming more frequent, South Florida homeowners need HVAC — heating and ever-essential air conditioning. If you think you have an HVAC problem, you’re probably right. Don’t wait for an emergency.

Call or contact Hopkins Air Conditioning today.

What Is an HVAC Emergency?

If you share your home with chronically ill or elderly loved ones, infants, or anyone medically fragile, lack of heat during a cold snap or AC during a heat wave is an emergency. Other emergencies include:

  • Air temperature: If your air blows hot when it should be cold or cold when it should be warm, that may be an emergency. Call us immediately.
  • Burning: If you see or smell smoke from your HVAC system, it’s an emergency. You also probably recognize that “burning wires” electrical smell. That’s an emergency too. Any burning smell from your HVAC unit is an emergency. Shut off your system and call us.
  • No/slow air: This could be due to one of several things. It’s an emergency if your family members are at risk. Call us for emergency service.
  • Strange noises: If you hear loud banging or squealing sounds (or any other noise) from your unit, shut it down and call us ASAP.
  • Air conditioner won’t turn on: If your electricity is on in other parts of the house and there’s no circuit breaker problem, you may have an HVAC emergency.

Don’t take chances. If you have an HVAC emergency, we’re here for you.

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If you’ve needed two or more repairs this year, it’s time to consider a new air conditioning system. We’ll be honest: If you can get a few more “miles” from your current AC unit, we’ll help make that happen. But if a replacement air conditioning system is more cost-effective, we’ll find what works for your lifestyle and budget.

A new AC installation or ductless AC system is a worthy investment as it can help drop your monthly energy bills and raise your property value.

Don’t let money stop you from having cleaner, cooler air. Ask us about our financing options.

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We also offer complete heating services for Wellington, FL. With Hopkins Air Conditioning, you’ll get superior installations, repairs, and maintenance for:

  • Gas and electric furnaces
  • Heat pumps
  • HVAC units
  • And more

We service all brands and heating equipment models, and we install high-quality, energy-efficient systems from Lennox and other top manufacturers.

With regular maintenance, your heating system will last longer than most. If you share your home with small children, seniors, or family members with medical issues/allergies, the air quality they breathe can make a significant difference in their quality of life. Improved indoor air quality is another advantage of regular maintenance.

Wellington can see extreme weather, including winter cold snaps. Spring and fall tune-ups will ensure your home or commercial property is prepared for anything.

Call (561) 656-4870 or contact Hopkins Air Conditioning to learn more.


Hopkins Air has been a family member for many years. — Robert & Judy M

Our HVAC professionals are NCI (National Comfort Institute)-certified. We’ll work on every brand, make, and model of AC or heating system but take pride in serving as a Tempstar Elite Dealer.

The Hopkins crew did a fantastic job! — Via Angi

We understand what our Wellington friends and neighbors — like you — want and need. We’re invested in our community. We’re invested in you.

For the best possible air quality and comfort, call (561) 656-4870 or contact Hopkins Air Conditioning.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should your AC unit be serviced?

You should expect to have your air conditioner serviced at least once a year, preferably before the summer, so it’s in top condition during the time of year where it’s used most heavily. If you find that you’ve used your air conditioner heavily in the offseason, you might want to set up a second service appointment.

Should I repair or replace my AC unit?

It depends on several factors. If your AC is getting close to the end of its service life, you probably want to replace it unless your repairs are minor. Similarly, if your AC needs frequent repairs or if the repair is huge, you should strongly consider replacing it early.

You might also replace your unit if your problems stem from sizing issues, low efficiency, etc., which can only be fixed by upgrading to newer technology.

What happens if I put off my AC service?

Your air conditioner is designed to be serviced regularly by a professional, and without that service, its performance and efficiency will deteriorate. You’re also at a much higher risk of your unit failing and needing more significant repairs or even a replacement because your seasonal tune-up is when your HVAC technician will detect potential problems and fix them before they get worse.

Is there any AC service I can do myself?

You can generally keep your air conditioner and ducts clean and clear as best you can, which will do a lot for performance and the general well-being of your system. If you do nothing else, be sure to keep up with your filter; clean it if it’s washable or replace it if it’s disposable, following your owners manual (you can find it online or ask our HVAC technicians if you don’t have one).

Do heat pumps need the same service as AC?

The service for an air conditioner is similar to that for a heat pump since they share much of the same technology, but there are a few key differences your technician will keep in mind. Consider scheduling two service visits per year because heat pumps are used equally in the summer and winter in most homes and require more attention accordingly.

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