How Can Improving Your Indoor Air Quality Help Fight Allergies?

If you often feel miserable because of allergies, poor air quality might be your real problem. Irritants, allergens, and other contaminants can instigate allergy symptoms and result in a lower quality of life for everyone in your home.

Oftentimes, indoor air quality is worse than outdoor air quality, so the secret to fighting allergies starts indoors. Here are three helpful tips to improve indoor air quality:

1. Remove Pollen, Dust, and Dander

Some of the most common allergens include pollen, dust, and dander. Removing contaminants from inside your home reduces allergy symptoms in people who are sensitive to them.

Regular cleaning and vacuuming lifts away surface irritants, and cleaning HVAC ductwork removes particles and allergens trapped in the ducts. Without the allergens and pollution, everyone in the family is likely to feel better

2. Choose Leather or Vinyl Furniture

Choosing furniture made of leather or vinyl helps to make life more comfortable for those with allergies. Unlike furniture made of upholstery, which is prone to collecting dust, dander, pet hair, dry skin, and a host of other microscopic materials, furnishings made of vinyl and leather don’t allow these materials to penetrate deep into the cushions. For people with allergies, this can help to control symptoms dramatically.

3. Don’t Smoke

Smoke from cigars, cigarettes, and other tobacco products significantly reduces indoor air quality. Not only is it bad for people with allergies, but it is also unhealthy for anyone inside the home.

Second-hand smoke is harmful and can cause undue respiratory stress for babies, young children, the elderly, and people with compromised respiratory or cardiovascular systems. Luckily, these issues can easily get avoided by not smoking at all or implementing a no smoking policy within your home.

Call the Pros

The fewer irritants, free-radicals, and contaminants your home contains, the better everyone is more likely to feel. If you live in the Palm Beach, Florida, area and need HVAC services for a cleaner home, call the professionals at Hopkins Air Conditioning, Inc. today. In addition to assisting with indoor air quality, we offer heating and cooling repair, maintenance, and installation. Contact us to see how we can help you.

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