Steps to Dog Proof Your HVAC System

While your dog may be your best friend, it can be your HVAC system’s worst enemy. Therefore, it can be in your best interest to take steps now to keep your pet and your heating and cooling system as far apart as possible.

Put a Physical Barrier Around an AC Compressor

A dog’s urine can cause significant damage to a compressor unit or anything else that it comes into contact with. Therefore, you should put a fence or some other barrier around the AC that will prevent the animal from wandering too close to it. A barrier could also prevent your dog from licking refrigerant or from accidentally leaving a toy in the unit. If your air conditioner is damaged for any reason, the folks at Hopkins Air Conditioning, Inc. can fix or replace it.

Keep Wires Wrapped and Hidden

Your pup may be tempted to chew, lick, or otherwise play with an exposed wire. If your dog chews through a wire, it could be seriously hurt or killed by the electricity running through it. There is also a chance that there are traces of refrigerant, dust, or other materials on a wire that could make your dog sick. Make sure you keep any wires wrapped and hidden so that your dog can’t find them.

Seal Ducts and Change Air Filters Regularly

Although this is unlikely to happen, a small dog could crawl into a duct that was not installed properly. It is important that you have your ducts inspected or sealed to ensure that your animal can’t get inside. Sealing ducts and changing air filters can help improve air quality despite the presence of a shedding animal in your home. This can be ideal for those who have pet allergies or other breathing problems.

If you are in need of HVAC service in the Palm Beach area, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Hopkins Air Conditioning, Inc. today. We can provide a variety of services such as air balancing and indoor air quality testing. Furthermore, we offer solar services designed to meet your needs and budget.

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