How To Protect Your Outdoor HVAC Unit From Your Dog

Family sitting on floor with golden retriever.Furry friends bring joy to our lives but can also wreak havoc on our expensive HVAC systems. Here are a few recommendations from HVAC experts to keep your dog safe and your HVAC unit protected.

Add a Physical Barrier Around Your AC Compressor

Outdoor AC unit next to wooden fence.A dog’s urine can significantly damage your AC compressor, your pet may lick refrigerant, causing detrimental health effects, or they may leave a toy inside the unit, leading to costly repairs.

Adding a physical barrier around your AC compressor will save your pet from harmful chemicals and protect your HVAC unit from extensive damage.

Some effective barriers include:

  • Wire fence
  • Wood fence
  • Shrubs
  • Garden wall
  • Gated cage

Keep Wires Wrapped & Hidden

A dog’s favorite pastime is chewing. If there are loose wires, it leaves an opportunity for wire damage and, worse, electrocution of your pet from chewing the lines. The best way to prevent these disasters is to keep all your wires tied together. Bundling your wires together gives a nice aesthetic and keeps the cords tucked away in a group.

Hide the wires where your pet won’t be tempted to chew or play with them.

If you’re worried about the wiring on your unit, call (561) 656-4870 or contact us online.

Seal Ducts & Regularly Change Filters

Air filter before and after changing. Dirty on left, clean on right.While uncommon, it isn’t unheard of to have dogs climb into air ducts that haven’t been properly sealed. While this depends on the size of your dog and ducts, you wouldn’t want to risk it.

If you’re concerned about your pet climbing into your air ducts, it’s important to call a professional to ensure they’re properly sealed.

If your furry friend sheds, it can cause your filter to need more frequent changes. Changing your filters regularly will improve your indoor air quality by minimizing pet dander.

What Happens if My Dog Pees on My AC Unit?

If your dog is peeing on your unit, there will be significant damage to the system, whether electrical or physical. If you can’t build a fence around your unit, we highly recommend that you watch your pet when they go to the bathroom to ensure they avoid your HVAC system.

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