From swampy summer days to chilly winter evenings, you rely on your HVAC system to keep you, your home, and your loved ones comfortable at all times. At Hopkins Air Conditioning, we are dedicated to providing El Cid, FL, residents with services that will keep your home’s air quality and temperature levels as accurate and pleasant as possible. Our team of highly trained technicians is skilled at everything from air conditioning to heating to ductwork, and we are sure to have the service you need!

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AC Repair

Florida is notorious for sweltering summers. If your AC unit isn’t working up to par, you run the risk of a muggy and overall unpleasant atmosphere in your home. When things go amiss with your unit, the team at Hopkins Air Conditioning will be there to provide you with comprehensive AC repair services to get things back up and running. We will evaluate your system and determine the root of the problem to offer the best possible solution.

Routine AC Maintenance & Tune-Ups

The best way to prevent AC breakdowns and costly repairs is through regular maintenance. At Hopkins Air, our expert technicians give your air conditioner a thorough 20-point inspection! Homeowners in El Cid that sign up for our maintenance agreement can enjoy priority repair service, 20% off repairs, and more!

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AC Installation & Replacement

In El Cid, residents deserve cool and breezy relief from the heat, and Hopkins Air Conditioning is here to deliver just that. We offer exceptional AC installation and ductless HVAC installation services by assessing your specific needs and requirements and determining the best fit for you and your space.

Additionally, if your existing unit is beyond repair, we will be there to replace it with a trustworthy upgrade. Some common signs you need an AC replacement include:

  • Your unit is old.
  • There is a presence of moisture buildup/humidity.
  • Your unit is producing strange smells or loud noises.
  • There’s a lack of cool air.
  • Your energy costs are skyrocketing.

Heating Services for Heat Pumps and Furnaces

While Florida isn’t often met with cold weather, there are still many instances where a reliable heater is crucial. On top of our AC services, we also specialize in skilled heating services for your convenience.

Heating Repair

If your heat pump or furnace is showing signs such as strange noises, uneven temperatures, or blinking lights on the control panel, it’s likely time to consider a heating repair. Call us ASAP, and we will be there to repair your system in an efficient and timely manner.

Heating Installation & Replacement

Whether you’re looking to install a heater in a new building or are in dire need of a replacement for your existing unit, we’ve got you covered! Our heating installation and replacement services are designed to provide our clients with safe and reliable heat while saving them money in monthly energy costs.

Heating Maintenance

Scheduling routine maintenance and tune-ups for your heater is your best bet at extending its life, and it also acts as a preventive measure against the need for future repairs and replacements!

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Services

The professional technicians at Hopkins Air Conditioning are certified as indoor air quality experts, and we are committed to achieving satisfactory air balancing results for all of our clients. When your HVAC equipment isn’t running as effectively as it should be, we will inspect all of its components and perform the necessary adjustments to ensure proper airflow through every room in your home. We can install whole-house dehumidifiers and smart thermostats to guarantee your home is as safe and comfortable as possible!

Ductwork Services

Ductwork can be a great means of distributing airflow to your home; however, it can also cause energy loss if not properly maintained! From the initial design and installation to routine cleaning to essential repairs, our ductwork services have your best interest in mind. These services include:

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