Why You Should Only Use a Licensed and Insured Contractor

If you need repair for your air conditioner, furnace or other HVAC components, it is important to choose a contractor with a license and insurance. Let’s look into why this is so important and how to find out if a contractor has the proper credentials to do a job right.

Licensed Contractors Have Experience With HVAC Systems

The folks at Hopkins Air Conditioning, Inc. in Palm Beach have NATE certification. This means that they have gone through a rigorous training process. Having a trained professional work on your home’s HVAC components minimizes the possibility that a mistake is made when changing an air filter or tightening an electrical connection. By avoiding mistakes, you get peace of mind knowing that your furnace or air conditioner will run at peak efficiency when you need it most.

Don’t Pay for Damage That You Didn’t Cause

If a contractor doesn’t have insurance, you could be on the hook for paying for any damage done to your home. For instance, if a technician breaks a window while replacing your furnace, you could be responsible for paying for a new window. If a technician is hurt while working on your property, that person could try to take legal action against you. While it’s unlikely that you would be responsible for any damages for an injury worker gets, no one wants to spend time or money in court.

Licensed Contractors Have a Reputation to Uphold

It is unlikely that a technician would go through the licensing process if that person didn’t take his or her work seriously. Furthermore, that person is unlikely to associate with others who may tarnish his or her reputation or become a liability risk. Therefore, you can feel good that whoever is working in your home has your best interests in mind.

The next time that you need help with your HVAC system, give our friendly staff a call! In addition to heating and cooling services, we will also help install solar systems and perform indoor air quality tests.

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