How the Florida Climate Affects Your AC Unit

Technician explaining AC service to homeowners.The weather outside your Florida home significantly affects how your HVAC system will run. On humid days, your system works harder to eliminate water vapor from the air. This puts extra stress on the system and can wear out your AC prematurely.

When there’s excess humidity in your home’s air, your indoor space can feel warmer despite the thermostat temperature, and you may notice condensation on your windows.

Treating your air conditioner properly and ensuring you have the right size system for your house can help improve its function and keep it running well. In this article, we’ll discuss how the Florida weather can affect your HVAC system and how to ensure your AC unit can take on the heat with ease.

The Florida Climate and Your HVAC Unit

Florida has some of the most humid weather in the country. The state is further south than any other state and gets a lot of rain throughout the year. In summer, hurricanes and heavy downpours can make for damp and humid conditions.

An air conditioner works hard to cool the air in your home by cooling off the warm air and removing humidity in the process. When the outdoor air is exceptionally humid, the system works harder and stays on for longer.

Florida ACs are under a lot of stress due to the amount of humidity in the air, and if you’re by the beach, the salt in the air can cause corrosion. This can wear down the system and lead to repair and replacement needs faster than a unit’s average life span. With the right actions, you can keep your system working well.

How To Extend the Life of Your HVAC System

There are many steps a homeowner can take to control humidity and give their AC unit a break, including:

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