Benefits of WiFi Thermostats

Without a thermostat, an HVAC system can’t operate as intended. Someone has to set the thermostat, so the furnace or air conditioning does its magic. However, it isn’t magic that runs things. Basic Science and engineering allow all the components to work well together. Today, homeowners can take advantage of many incredible innovations in HVAC systems.

Among those innovations is the arrival of the Wi-Fi thermostat. If you still use an “old-time” thermostat, perhaps changing things to the newer Wi-Fi version is best. These thermostats come with many advanced features that integrate modern internet capabilities.

What Is a Wi-Fi Thermostat?

Before we can sing the praises of Wi-Fi thermostats, we need to understand what one is. As the name suggests, a Wi-Fi thermostat allows you to connect to the thermostat via your home’s internet system. It does so wirelessly, and there is no need to worry about connecting any hardwired cables. A Wi-Fi thermostat does what a smartphone, laptop, security camera, and other consumer electronics devices can do; it utilizes the internet to provide an expanded range of features. What are the benefits of going with a Wi-Fi thermostat? Here’s a look at some of the device’s many advantages.

Access to Remote Capabilities

The most talked-about feature on a Wi-Fi thermostat would be the remote access features. The thermostat likely has a corresponding app you can download on a smartphone. Signing in to the system via a website is another option. No matter how you connect with the thermostat online, you can still operate the settings remotely. If you are at work and want to come home to a warmer home, turn up the thermostat a half hour before you arrive. This way, you don’t enter a cold or hot interior and then have to wait for a preferred temperature.

Saving Money Through Efficiency

Remote access isn’t entirely about convenience, either. There are efficiency and money-saving benefits, too. The ability to increase or decrease the temperature setting remotely allows you to only use as much energy as necessary. You could keep the settings at 60 degrees while away and then turn them up to 65 degrees before arriving. You wouldn’t need to keep the temperature at 65 degrees all day. Therefore, you aren’t wasting energy, nor are you wasting money because wasted energy drives up monthly bills. Consider that a good reason to install a smart Wi-Fi thermostat.

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Access to a Warning System

The various Wi-Fi thermostats come with a multitude of different features. One such feature could include warnings and alerts if something goes wrong. The furnace, for example, could go out for an inexplicable reason. The reason will remain mysterious until someone checks the unit out. Until that time, the heat in the home could become shut off on a frigid day. Such a situation creates many serious concerns, and learning about the problem right away would be more than helpful.

Imagine if the furnace went out at 8:00 a.m., and you don’t return home until 7:00 p.m. At least the Wi-Fi warnings provide an alert and the ability to respond. A timely response could prevent a potential disaster in the home, such as frozen pipes and more.

Many Wi-Fi Thermostats Are “Smart”

The term “smart thermostat” refers to a device with some artificial intelligence capabilities. Basically, such thermostats figure out some of your preferred settings and one you use more commonly, and they can adjust your home settings automatically. The value here is you aren’t always locked into making the adjustments by yourself. It might take some time for the thermostat to learn your preferences, but once it does, the automatic nature takes some work off the your shoulders. Of course, you can always manually set your thermostat as well.

Energy Tracking

Another helpful feature of smart thermostats is the ability to track energy usage. Review the reports to see how much energy gets expended and when. The reports can provide insights into where you could cut back. Cutting back can lead to saving money, which is always a plus.

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