Power Your HVAC System With Solar Power

Lennox SunSource Solar Products in West Palm Beach FloridaAt Hopkins Air Conditioning, Inc., we’re proud to offer comprehensive SunSource Solar installation services in West Palm Beach, FL. Our team of knowledgeable installers can perform efficient solar panel installations in Palm Beach County.

As a locally owned and operated company, we’re accredited by the BBB. We’ve also won the Angi Super Service Award multiple years in a row.

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We’re known for:
  • Working with quality products
  • Offering emergency repair services
  • Providing customers with sound advice
  • Paying close attention to details

We’re highly experienced with solar energy systems and can go over your options for your home. We’ll make sure the panels are properly hooked up so they function optimally.

SunSource Solar Panel Installation

Hopkins Air Conditioning, Inc. believes many homes in West Palm Beach could benefit from a solar power energy system.

Hopkins technicians installing solar panels on West Palm Beach homeThe SunSource Solar system will collect energy from the sun and send it directly to your Lennox air conditioner or heat pump.

After cooling or heating your home, the excess energy will operate other appliances.

Our friendly technicians will:
  • Be punctual to their appointments
  • Communicate clearly
  • Complete jobs professionally
  • Treat your property with respect

We can help you determine the amount of solar energy you need for your home. Solar can be an excellent investment in your property, and we can help you figure out the return on your investment. Our technicians will take the time to answer any questions you have in a personal and accurate way.

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Hopkins Air Conditioning, Inc. can take the stress out of getting a solar energy system installed at your West Palm Beach home. Our services are a great value for the price, and we’ll go over a detailed estimate before starting. We’re committed to providing any follow-up support our customers need. You can rely on us to go the extra mile to meet your individual needs.

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FAQs About Solar Panels

Can you power your air conditioner with solar panels?

Yes, your air conditioner can be powered by solar panels. For the best results, you’ll need a highly efficient air conditioning system, such as a high-performance Lennox AC unit from our team at Hopkins Air Conditioning, as well as a large solar array sized specifically for your system.

As long as you have the roof space and minimal obstructions to the south or west of your home, it can be quite easy to run an air conditioner from solar panels, as well as other devices in your home.

For help determining what size system you’ll need to run your AC unit, call our team at Hopkins Air Conditioning today.

What are the benefits of installing solar panels?

Solar panels can reduce your utility bills significantly while helping you minimize your carbon footprint. Plus, they can help you keep your home more comfortable by offsetting the cost of air conditioning, allowing you to keep your home cooler without worrying as much about the costs.

For more reasons to consider solar panels for your Palm Beach home, talk to our team at Hopkins Air Conditioning.

Are solar panels weather-resistant?

Yes, solar panels are pretty weather-resistant. They are completely sealed to keep out rain and condensation, and they are impervious to UV radiation. Strong, tempered glass protects the solar cells from impacts, including all but the largest hail, and durable frames and mounts keep them secure during high winds, storms, and more.

Aluminum construction ensures they don’t rust through, and the wiring is protected by a sealed junction box, sealed connectors, and quality moisture- and UV-resistant cable.

At Hopkins Air Conditioning, we feature quality SunSource Solar panels that are durable, long-lasting, and highly weather-resistant, plus our quality installation ensures they will last as long as possible.