In the heat of the Boynton Beach summer, it’s vital to keep your attic properly insulated to reduce your cooling costs. Blown-in insulation is a great way to make your home more comfortable year-round, especially for those rooms immediately below your attic, while cutting the cost of running HVAC for cooling or heating.

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Blown-In Insulation in Boynton Beach

Blown-in insulation refers to insulation products applied as a loose-fill material, most often for attic insulation but sometimes for adding insulation to walls, crawl spaces, etc. These two types of blown-in insulation are:

  • Cellulose blown-in insulation: A form of insulation made up of recycled plant materials and cardboard particles treated to protect wood products against fire, termites, mold, etc.
  • Fiberglass blown-in insulation: Made up of fine fibers of glass, this insulation is similar in composition to the batts and blankets most commonly used to insulate walls in residential properties.

Cellulose offers a higher R-value (measurement of how well a material prevents heat transfer) between the two, but both are commonly used.

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Signs You Need New Insulation in Your Attic

It’s not always simple to determine whether you have enough insulation in your attic or need added blown-in insulation. If you’re unsure, keep an eye out for these signs of inadequate attic insulation:

  • Difficulties keeping your home comfortable on hot, sunny days
  • Unusually high HVAC costs compared to similar houses
  • Rooms immediately below your attic are drafty or uncomfortable
  • You have trouble with poor air quality, high humidity, pests, or noise, especially from the attic
  • Your HVAC runs nonstop and doesn’t meet your needs

Your HVAC system depends on having proper insulation in the walls and attic to do its job efficiently; your air conditioner was almost certainly sized on the assumption that you’d have proper insulation in place, so if you don’t, it will work too hard and not keep your home comfortable

By upgrading your attic insulation, you’ll save money on utility bills, improve your comfort, and reduce your exposure to pollutants, pests, and moisture damage.

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How Does Blown-In Insulation Help HVAC Efficiency?

The most common use of blown-in insulation is to add it to existing insulation. Because it’s a simple loose-fill product that can be added anywhere you have a gap, with only a small opening necessary even for re-insulating walls, it’s a favorite pick for retrofit insulation everywhere in the home.

Over time, insulation ages and loses efficiency, but by packing in cellulose or fiberglass blown-in insulation, you’ll be back to peak efficiency without tearing down walls or emptying out your attic first.

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How Long Can Blown-In Insulation Last?

The biggest efficiency loss for blown-in insulation — barring unusual circumstances like water damage — will come from it settling over the first years of installation and becoming a thinner layer of insulation. This can cut efficiency by 10–20% if it’s not planned for and you don’t have it topped off again.

After this settling, you can expect to get about 15 years of service life out of blown-in insulation before you should start thinking about retrofitting again.

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