Palm Beach County Commercial HVAC Services

Commercial AC Services in West Palm Beach, Florida - Hopkins Air Conditioning

When you’re looking for HVAC services on a commercial scale, turn to the experts at Hopkins Air Conditioning, Inc.

We have the best commercial HVAC services in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas! From AC repairs and installations to maintenance and tune-ups, our products and services are built to last. No job is too big or too small – our certified professionals will handle everything for you. At Hopkins Air Conditioning, Inc., you’re always treated like family.

Our Commercial HVAC Services Include:
  • Commercial HVAC repair
  • Air quality solutions
  • Commercial HVAC maintenance
  • And more!
  • Thermostat integration
  • Commercial heating/AC installation
  • HVAC tune-ups


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When Florida’s temperatures rise, it’s essential to stay cool in the workplace.

Commercial AC Services in West Palm Beach, Florida - Hopkins Air Conditioning
It can be difficult to stay focused and productive when you’re not functioning in a comfortable environment. If your commercial HVAC unit breaks down, you need it repaired fast. It’s important to have a quality HVAC contractor you can trust. When things heat up or cool down in the Greater West Palm Beach area, it’s almost impossible to stay comfortable. Call Hopkins Air Conditioning, Inc. today for exceptional commercial AC repair services.

Commercial HVAC Installation You Can Depend On

Commercial AC Installation in West Palm Beach, FloriaIf your South Florida commercial space is constantly dealing with HVAC repairs, or you have an outdated unit, a new HVAC system could be the best option. When HVAC units are used daily, problems are likely to occur. That’s why having a reliable commercial HVAC company should be a top priority. Plus, if your business has an older HVAC unit, those systems will be far more prone to failure. Look no further than Hopkins Air Conditioning, Inc.. We can help you choose the perfect HVAC replacement system for you, and we can install them quickly and effectively.

Contact us today for the best commercial HVAC installation services in Palm Beach County!



Some of the frequently asked questions we receive about commercial HVAC services in Palm Beach County are:

How much does it cost to service your HVAC?

The cost is almost always more than you want to pay for an emergency commercial HVAC service call. That’s why most commercial businesses have maintenance contracts. Maintenance saves money, and more importantly, you’ll receive a regular update/report that will minimize surprise breakdowns.

The cost of maintenance will depend on several factors;

  • Age – The older your system, the more attention it needs. Frequent monitoring can extend the life of your unit.
  • Brand – Expensive name-brand parts sometimes cost more.
  • Condition – If you inherited an old system that was not well cared for, damage control may be costly and not cost-efficient.
  • Location – Rooftops and hard-to-access spaces sometimes require special equipment and more work hours.
  • Size – Commercial HVAC systems are larger than residential.
  • Usage – Some businesses operate all day, every day. Restaurant kitchens are tougher on HVAC systems than a small boutique shop that opens its doors on nice days.

How often should commercial HVAC be serviced?

Frequency is determined by the age and condition of your system. You should schedule service twice a year minimum, more if your local commercial HVAC company recommends it.

Your employees and customers are concerned about IAQ (indoor air quality). We are, too. Regular maintenance for your commercial HVAC system and a clean ductwork system will go a long way toward reducing allergens and airborne contaminants.

What does an HVAC service include?

It depends on several factors, but standard maintenance includes:

  • AC & refrigeration
    • Change air filters & balance airflow
    • Check refrigerant
    • Clean condensate drains
    • Clean evaporators & condensers
    • Measure voltage
    • Inspect electrical systems
    • Test compressors, capacitors & relays
  • Boilers
    • Analyze combustion gases
    • Calibrate control systems
    • Check gas pressure
    • Clean burners & flue
    • Inspect firebrick & refractory
    • Inspect safeties & lockouts
    • Inspect seals & gaskets
    • Measure pressures
  • Furnaces & heaters
    • Change air filters
    • Clean blower fan& air handler
    • Clean burners & flues
    • Measure flue gases
    • Inspect heat exchanger
    • Inspect pilot light & ignition
    • Test safeties & controls

Do you have additional questions? We are eager to answer any questions about commercial HVAC service because when you know more, you make informed decisions. Contact Hopkins Air Conditioning, Inc. to learn more.