Signs Your AC is Malfunctioning or Needs Service

When buying an air conditioner, be sure to purchase a top brand manufactured by a company with a stellar reputation. And this same advice extends to choosing an HVAC company for the installation. You don’t want to experience any unnecessary problems with the system, and the right installation team could contribute to fewer maintenance issues.

That said, even the best systems installed by the best companies run into problems. Nothing mechanical lasts forever without showing eventual signs of maintenance trouble. Can you recognize the symptoms? Knowing when the air conditioner needs work allows you to act without delay. A regular maintenance plan could help you stay on top of AC operations. [Company_name] offers these plans, along with AC repair and installation. Palm Beach residents can request heating service, too.

Anything Out of the Ordinary Warrants a Check

An air conditioner should operate as expected. You set the thermostat to a particular temperature, and the air conditioner should bring the room’s temperature to the desired level. And the air conditioner must do so smoothly. If something out of the ordinary occurs, contacting a service repair pro becomes necessary. Otherwise, the problem could get worst. At the very least, your home won’t cool down efficiently. You may find that your rooms are cooling unevenly, allowing for cold or hot spots throughout your home. This certainly warrants a call to a professional AC company like Hopkins Air Conditioning, Inc. in Palm Beach who can thoroughly check for AC problems.

The System Is Circulating Hot Air

The most obvious sign something could be wrong is when the air conditioner blows out hot air. Sometimes, the refrigerant levels drop so low that the air does not get cooled. A leak might be the reason for this drop, and that requires a fix. Another common reason why only hot air comes out would be a damaged compressor. Replacing the compressor could solve the hot air problem. No one will know the true cause until a thorough inspection takes place.

Odd and Unusual Sounds

A properly running machine won’t commonly make sounds that indicate something isn’t working properly. The sound of metal-on-metal, for example, would suggest the system requires better lubrication. Failure to address this issue could mean severe damage. Other odd sounds could include loose belts or broken parts. Again, an inspection tells the full story.

Also, just as the air conditioner could experience strange sounds, there might be a terrible smell coming from it, too. Mold growing inside an AC can give off a bad smell, as can wire insulation that has melted.

The Humidity Level Goes Up

Pumping cool air into the home is only half the job of an air conditioner. The system should also remove hot and humid air from the house. When it fails to do this, the humidity level inside rises. Comfort levels then drop. The signs of excess humidity reveal themselves in the form of pooling water. Expect to see the water collecting on the windows. Even if you don’t see the water, you will probably feel the humidity. Sitting inside a humid house can be horribly uncomfortable.

Weak Airflow Woes

If only 50% of the cold air comes out, then the system isn’t doing its job efficiently. The air conditioner could run for hours and not cool down the house, as there’s not enough air produced to deliver the desired result. A blockage in the air filter seems the likely culprit for limited airflow. Changing the air filter would be one way to restore flow levels to normal.

The air filter, however, is not the only possible culprit here. The motor could be dying, which is a dire sign. Other potentially serious issues could be behind the air temperature. Calling a repair technician must be a top priority when the airflow is hot.

The System Turns On and Off Too Often

When an air conditioner turns on and off, the system is “cycling.” Cycling reflects normal performance unless it happens too often. When you set the thermostat on a specific temperature, the air conditioner runs until the temperature reaches the setting. Once the temperature drifts away from the thermostat setting, the air conditioner turns back on. When the unit cycles frequently and, seemingly, for no reason, there could be a significant mechanical issue. These and other problems need to be checked out right away.

Call up Hopkins Air Conditioning, Inc. the minute you notice troubles with your air conditioner. Ask about our indoor air quality and solar work, too. Our family-owned business is here to help.

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