How Often Should I Have My HVAC Coils Cleaned?

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AC coils are a crucial component of air conditioners; they’re responsible for pushing hot air outside for your unit to produce cool air. It’s essential to keep the coils thoroughly cleaned to keep your unit operating at its best. Here, we discuss the importance of cleaning your AC coils and the most effective methods.

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Is Cleaning Your AC Coils Really Necessary?

Yes, cleaning your AC coils is vital for your AC’s overall performance and service life expectancy. If not done regularly, it hinders your unit’s ability to properly dispel hot air, resulting in a lack of cool airflow. Dirty coils can also result in higher energy usage and increased wear and tear on your system.

Properly cleaning your coils will improve your unit’s overall cooling performance and energy efficiency, and your home’s indoor air quality.

Why HVAC Coil Cleaning Is Important

Florida is no stranger to hot, humid weather. Therefore, it’s critical that you’re able to rely on your AC unit to keep you and your home cool.

Considering how hot temperatures can get, you’re likely running your AC more frequently. This requires your AC coils to collect more dirt, dust, and debris. Ensuring your AC coils are cleaned regularly is the best way to prevent unit inefficiency.

How Often Should You Get Your AC Coils Cleaned?

While you can clean your AC’s coils yourself, hiring a professional is a sure way to extend your unit’s lifespan and improve its overall performance. If you decide not to hire a professional, you risk damaging your unit. This can result in a system breakdown and lead to a costly AC repair or replacement.

We recommend cleaning your air conditioning coils twice a year in Florida for maximum efficiency.

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