Best Time To Book an Air Conditioning Service Appointment

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Keeping your AC system in tiptop shape is important for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment and an energy-efficient home. The best way for a homeowner to keep their air conditioning operating 100% year-round (especially in the sweltering hot summer) is with regular professional AC maintenance and repairs.

But when is the best time to have your AC unit serviced? And how can you know when it’s time for an AC repair? In this blog, the experts at Hopkins Air Conditioning will answer these questions and more.


The Best Time of Year for AC Maintenance

While you can schedule AC maintenance at any time of the year, spring is the most advantageous season.

Because it’s before peak summer usage, checking your unit in the spring is undoubtedly best. A professional can help you avoid unexpected breakdowns and discomfort in the middle of July by checking and tuning up your system before the temperatures soar.

Additionally, AC maintenance in the spring allows for fast service and results. Since spring generally has a lower demand for AC services than the summer, it’s typically easier to schedule an appointment.

What To Check Before Calling a Professional

Even though a professional can handle everything your AC unit may need, there are some tasks you can do to help your AC. Before having an air conditioning expert help you, here’s what you should inspect and take care of:

  • Change the air filter: Depending on usage, you should check and replace your air filter every one to three months. Otherwise, a clogged filter will restrict airflow and reduce efficiency.
  • Clean the air vents: Over time, dust and debris can build up inside the air vents, which impedes airflow. So, clean the vents regularly to ensure effective air distribution.
  • Clear debris out of the unit: Your outdoor unit may have a buildup of leaves, dirt, and other debris. This can affect its performance, so it’s best practice to keep the area around the unit clean and clear.

Signs That Your AC Needs Immediate Repair

While regular, proactive maintenance can prevent repairs, there may be situations when your AC unit needs immediate attention. Here are some common indicators that it’s time to call a professional for air conditioning repairs:

  • Unusual noises: If you hear grinding, squealing, or banging sounds coming from your air conditioner, then you probably have a mechanical issue that requires expert diagnosis and repair.
  • Foul odors: Pay attention to the smells coming from your AC unit. If you notice musty or burning smells, there might be mold growth or burnt-out wire installation.
  • Thermostat issues: When an air conditioning system doesn’t respond to thermostat settings, that often indicates a malfunctioning thermostat or electrical problem that requires professional repair.
  • Poor performance: If your AC system struggles to cool effectively or airflow seems unusually weak, your unit may have an issue.
  • High energy bills: If you see a significant, unaccounted-for increase in your monthly energy bills, your AC unit might be working much harder than it should be, signaling underlying issues.

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